Welcome to Rubyfornia!

About the company

Rubyfornia is about pets, yup, but it’s also about people enjoying working together doing stuff. We try to be energetic, focused, and fun with optimism, empowerment, and purpose. 

Company culture and values

Values are attributes and attitudes that humans on the team value – what we like to see in ourselves and in each other.

  • Integrity - you say what you mean, mean what you say, do what you say
  • Awareness - you are aware that your behavior directly influences others and you place a priority on doing EVERYTHING you can to have a positive influence on others on the team
    • That requires awareness of self
    • Awareness of relationship with others
    • Awareness and empathy of others’ POV, goals, wishes, values
  • Candidness - we provide and accept feedback from others on the team, with an understanding of the above — that we want to help each other improve, have more success, be more fulfilled, and able to be valued even more by others. That’s why we provide feedback.
  • Creativity - We understand that for any given goal or objective there are a million and one reasons - at least that many - why something won’t work or can’t be attained
    • We are the ones who create, find, engineer the one way it will work — maybe it’s solving a different problem than originally envisioned
  • Value add - In any given hour or day, any one can choose to be anywhere with anyone else. In the moments we are choosing to spend the time together, we are actively contributing and striving to make the experience of interacting with each other more fun, more productive, more rewarding, more enriching than others who do not share the same values
    • After meeting/working with someone - are you both learning from the interaction? Are you more of a complete person? Do you have greater empathy and awareness for others? Do you want to be more aware of others and their priorities?
  • Teamwork - sum is greater than the parts. We prioritize interacting in a fashion that lets us do greater things together than we’d otherwise be able to do by ourselves.
    • That doesn’t mean 10 people need to screw in a lightbulb
  • Purposefulness - Whether or not “Everything happens for a reason” is 100% up to you and no one else.
  • Sense of Humor 


Beliefs are truths or worldviews that help us decide what to do and predict the effectiveness of our actions

  • Story - Anyone can write words. A bigger vocabulary and more words don’t mean a better story. 
  • Success - Success is measured by how much effort it takes to be happy in any given day. The less effort it takes, the more successful you are.
  • Influence - The things you have the most influence over have the most influence over your success.
  • Productivity - Productivity = time * effort * technique. The skill of determining what to focus on is an element of technique.
  • Self - The way to become a better you is through awareness and empathy of others.

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